Thursday, April 26, 2012

05.16.2012. 9 -11

Curated by Richie Fine and Adam LaMothe

Opening Reception: May 16, 9-11PM

Featuring art by:

Nic Borelli

Richie Fine 

Nicolas Holiber 

Adam LaMothe 

John Lark

Kaitlyn Stubbs 

and Allison Simmons

This group show features new work created by an inventive group of emerging artists from the New York Academy of Art. Inspired by their impending graduation and their prophetic visual abilities, this “Masterful” grouping of work presents a view of the world that is as uncertain and unsettling as the very careers these artists are beginning.

Opening a mere two days before commencement, please join us as we celebrate these graduates’ first uncertain step out of academia into the cold, unfaithful, and unforgiving world.

21+ only

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Coming Soon

Featuring art by:

Richie Fine, Adam LaMothe, Kaitlyn Stubbs, John Lark,

Allison Simmons, Nic Borelli, and Nicolas Holiber

Kaitlyn Stubbs. Cranny. Bleach on Hand-dyed canvas. 2012