Thursday, January 24, 2013

LADIES: an exciting, unusual Valentine's Eve soiree

Kraine Gallery presents:

Opening: Wednesday, February 13th 9:00pm until Midnight

Curated by: Dina Brodsky and Bonnie De Witt

Lynn Albanese, Julie E. Brady, Maya Brodsky, Diana Corvelle, Michelle Doll, Heidi Elbers, Candace Goodrich, Kathleen Hayes, Maria Kreyn, Amber Lia-Kloppel, Susan Seaton, Hilary Schmidt, Melanie Vote, Mitra Walter

Soft, fragile, playful, these images tease and blur the lines between innocence and knowing, between the daydreaming of young girls and the certain knowledge of women. Imagery as disparate as '60s Pop Art dresses and lush nature-worship echoing the Neo-Raphaelites come together; patterns intertwine and contradict as the seeming purity of childhood hides something more worldly, and a sophisticated gaze reveals, at second glance, something overwhelmed, unsure but curious: the ingenue as poetess, the creator as object d'art.

You're invited to an exciting, unusual Valentine's Eve soiree: On Feb. 13, come meet, mingle and converse with this show's artists at KGB Bar -- the famed East Village joint in the same building as the Kraine Gallery -- where the art-party goes on until midnight.

Match the artists with their work and discover in person what motivates them, what makes them tick: the fears, desires and drives, their reasons for creating and being alive. And yes, there's liquor, too.

- Gregory Levine